Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Is Boring and Incompetent, Internet Guru Says

We’ve seen quite a lot of people out there criticizing Apple and CEO Tim Cook after the latest product launches, but Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis launched some pretty serious accusations, criticizing some of the most recent decisions, such as the removal of the headphone jack.

In case you’re wondering who Jason Calacanis actually is, it’s worth mentioning that he’s the one who invented Weblogs when he was just a blogger, before joining AOL and working on Netscape. He was also involved in some other companies, including Sequoia Capital, and Angel Investing, which were both founded by him.

The removal of the headphone jack

Going back to what he said, Calacanis used the last edition of This Week in Tech podcast to blame Tim Cook for all the bad decisions that Apple made lately, including the removal of the headphone jack.

“Getting rid of the headphone jack, and forcing people to make a decision if they want to charge their phone … (read more)

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