Don’t Install the Latest iPhone Update If You Use Google Photos


Dont install the latest iphone update if you use googleiOS 16.3.1 is here with several important fixes, and while many iPhone owners rush to install it because of course, it looks like some of them might want to wait a little bit longer. Especially if they are diehard Google Photos app users, that is.

According to several reports online, Google’s app appears to be broken down by the new iPhone software update, down to a point where, well, you can just remove it.

That’s right, the app is completely unusable after the latest iPhone operating system update, as Google Photos crashes instantly when trying to launch on both iPhones and iPads.

The fix? There’s no such thing right now, as Google is most likely looking into the problem as we speak, though I expect the company to come up with a patch in the coming ho… (read more)

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