Downgrading from iOS 14.6 to iOS 14.5.1 Is No Longer Allowed


Downgrading from ios 146 to ios 1451 is no longerIf you’ve already updated your iPhone to iOS 14.6, well, you’re pretty much stuck with it as Apple no longer allows users to downgrade to the previous version.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has officially stopped signing iOS 14.5,1 which means you can no longer go back to the earlier release in case something goes wrong.

That’s quite a problem, though, as not everybody is pleased with how iOS 14.6 is currently running on their iPhones, so right now, the only way to go is for Apple to come up with official fixes.

What’s new in iOS 14.6

iOS 14.6 follows in the footsteps of iOS 14.5, though at the first glance, the changes introduced by the older sibling have caused much more controversy following the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency policy.

But iOS 14.6 itself came with a series of big new features, including the debut of Apple Card Family, which allows a credit card to be shared with up to five people.

“Apple Card Family lets you c… (read more)

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