Foldable iPhone Not Expected Until 2025 at the Earliest

Foldables are the new big thing in the mobile market, and Samsung is one of the companies spearheading the transition to this innovative form factor.

People familiar with the matter have been suggesting that Apple was already working on its very own foldable iPhone, and the target release date was until now believed to be 2023.

But according to Display Supply Chain Consultants, the Cupertino-based tech giant is unlikely to come up with a foldable iPhone until 2025. This means the company has pushed back the release of this ambitious project, which more or less makes sense given Apple wants the market to reach a more mature point before it joins this form factory push with its own model.

Furthermore, the research firm says Apple could wait for even more than that if it doesn’t think the market is ready for a foldable iPhone.

iPhone 14 generation</s… (read more)

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