iOS 12 Is Apple’s Slowest Adopted Version in Recent Years

Whenever Apple rolls out new iOS versions, iPhone and iPad users typically rush to install them, eventually contributing to adoption rates that are usually higher than in the case of the previous update.

However, not only that this isn’t the case of iOS 12, but Apple’s latest iOS version is actually the slowest adopted operating system release since iOS 7, according to new data provided by Mixpanel.

A chart put together by Statista indicates that users are rather cautious when it comes to upgrading their devices to iOS 12, and after 10 days of availability, only 20.7 percent of compatible models were already on this latest version.

For comparison, iOS 7 was running on no less than 63.4 percent of the eligible devices ten days after launch.

iOS 11, whose release was plagued by major bugs and performance issues, also did better with 28.6 percent adopti… (read more)

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