Someone Has Created an iPhone With USB-C and Lightning, And It’s Downright Awful


Someone has created an iphone with usb c and lightning andThe days of the Lightning port are already numbered on the iPhone, as Apple is expected to remove this controversial idea once and for all once the iPhone 15 generation launches later this year.

This is because the European Union has recently voted on new legislation that would require device makers selling products here to equip their devices with a universal USB-C port. The new regulations are coming into effect in 2024, but it turns out Apple can make the switch even earlier.

As such, the iPhone 15 will give up on the Lightning port and embrace the increasingly popular USB-C.

A skilled hardware engineer has decided to offer the best of two worlds, and instead of choosing just one port, he managed to integrate both of them into an iPhone.

That’s right, this iPhone comes with both a Lightning port and a USB-C connector, and to my surprise, both of them work just right.

Without a doubt, this is a great way to spend your time indoors now that it’s freezing cold o… (read more)

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