The US Government Invented the iPhone, Not Steve Jobs, Nancy Pelosi Says


Visionary Steve Jobs is most often referred to as the inventor of the iPhone, but if you’re asking House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, that’s a completely wrong epithet.

Pelosi has explained at this week’s Democratic National Convention Platform Hearing that Steve Jobs only took the idea from the federal government and then designed the iPhone, but most of the research and development was performed by the United States.

“In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments and research,” she said while holding an iPhone in her hand. “Steve Jobs did a good idea [sic] of designing it [the iPhone] and putting it together. Federal research invented it.”

Certainly, that’s a very controversial statement that’s likely to stir up criticism from Apple supporters who believe that Steve Jobs was the man behind the iPhone and the US government might only steal his credit.

But what Pelosi seems to be trying to say is that Steve Jobs used some of the projects wh… (read more)

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