This Is How Many iPhones Have Already Been Updated to iOS 16


This is how many iphones have already been updated toApple has long been staying tight-lipped on iOS adoption data, despite previously sharing such information on its developer resources page.

Surprisingly, the company this week decided to provide us with a closer look at iOS 16 adoption numbers, and needless to say, the data looks good.

According to Apple, no more, no less than 81 percent of all devices that debuted in the last four years are already on iOS 16. This means that more than 8 in 10 iPhones launched since 2019 are running the latest version of the operating system, whereas 15 percent are still on iOS 15.

Only 4 percent of the models are running an iOS version that’s older than iOS 15.

When it comes to all iPhones out there, 72 percent of them are currently on Apple’s most recent operating system. 20 percent of them are powered by iOS 15, while 8 percent are running an earlier version.

OS fragmentation not really a problem

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