This Is the First iOS 12.2 Jailbreak on an iPhone XS Max

iOS jailbreaks make the headlines at a much slower pace than they did a few years ago, but this doesn’t necessarily mean than they’re gone completely.

Living proof is a video posted by KeenLab’s Liang Chen, who published a live demo of the very first iOS 12.2 jailbreak on an iPhone XS Max.

As you can see in the clip embedded below, the device is running KeenLab’s very own jailbreak tool, so just don’t hold your breath for any public release for now. In fact, KeenLab is known as a group that doesn’t typically publish their work for others, so they are unlikely to roll out this new jailbreak tool.

But on the other hand, the simple fact that someone managed to bypass the iOS restrictions and jailbreak version 12.2 is living proof there’s a loophole that others could exploit as well.

No chance for a public release

The latest jailbreak supported up to iOS 12.1, so KeenLab’s so… (read more)

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