Tim Cook Says Apple Is Building Technology Made by People for People

Speaking with shareholders at the company’s annual meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated the focus on privacy while also discussing how the wants to stick to the tech giant’s DNA always focused on innovation.

“Apple is about technology made by people and for people and with people’s wellbeing in mind,” he explained. “At its best and most hopeful, technology should help us leave the world better than we found it.”
Needless to say, Tim Cook also discussed privacy, a concept the company has been used as a key selling point in the last few years.

The focus on privacy

Apple insists the privacy of its customers is essential for building better products and the company does everything that’s possible to protect users. One defining moment for this approach is Apple’s refusal to break into an iPhone used by the terrorist in the San Bernardino shooting despite the FBI taking the company to court. Apple refused to unlock the device on security claims, expla… (read more)

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