Apple Enters Low-Cost Era: After Cheaper iPhone, Here Comes a Cheaper Speaker


Apple’s HomePod hasn’t been exactly a hit so far, but it looks like the company isn’t wiling to give up on the smart speaker market so fast.

Instead, what it plans to do is launch a more affordable device under the Beats brand in order to compete against the likes of Google and Amazon.

A report from LoveIOS indicates via sources from the Taiwan supply chain that Apple wants to launch a $199 smart speaker, though for the time being neither a release date nor a spec sheet is available.

What we do know, however, is that Apple plans to use the Beats brand in order to avoid associating a cheaper product with the Apple name, which is more or less odd given that Beats itself offers premium products as well.

Disappointing sales performance so far

But on the other hand, it’s believed that a more affordable Beats smart speaker would make sense for Apple because this par… (read more)

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