Apple Firmware Confirms iPhone 8 “Face ID,” Bezel-Less Design

, Apple Firmware Confirms iPhone 8 “Face ID,” Bezel-Less DesignWe’ve known for a while the iPhone 8 would come with alternative unlocking methods, and code discovered in Apple’s HomePod firmware confirms that face recognition is very likely to be introduced.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith dissected the HomePod code to discover what’s pretty much the official confirmation that the iPhone 8 would feature infrared-based face unlocking, with the documentation indicating that Apple wants this system to detect a partially occluded face or even faces from different angles.

There’s a chance that Apple would use more than just a sensor, most likely to enable 3D recognition, and the feature would generate 3D models of faces that would be stored on the device and then compared to new samples as users attempt to unlock the iPhone.

The face recognition hints were discovered in BiometricKit, the framework that enables Touch ID, and this could be a sign that Apple … (read more)

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