Apple Now Paying Less for iPhone Trade-ins

It’s not a secret that iPhones are very expensive gadgets, but one way to pay less for the latest-generation model was to trade-in the device that you already own.

Apple has been running a trade-in program for several years already, and until recently, the company has been offering pretty good trade-in values for existing iPhone models.

However, the Cupertino-based tech giant has now decided to drop the prices it’ll pay for used iPhones, so you’ll now be getting less for the models that you trade in when planning to purchase a new model.

As observed by Cult Of Mac, the trade-in values went down as much as $80 for some devices, regardless of their condition.

Just as expected, the newer the iPhones, the more money you’re going to get. However, not even the previous-generation iPhones are worth as much as before, as you’ll now get less money even for a top-notch iPhone 13 P… (read more)

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