Apple Promises Software Update to Disable Face ID Block After Screen Swap

One of the changes introduced with the debut of the iPhone 13 concerns how third-party shops are allowed to handle screen repairs.

iFixit has recently discovered that if you change the screen of an iPhone without also moving a small control chip from the original display to the unit, Face ID is automatically disabled.

And it’s all because the servicing isn’t performed in an authorized service center that has access to Apple software to register the new screen.

Naturally, transferring the controller from the old screen to the new one isn’t something that any shop can do, and it obviously requires additional equipment as well, so overall, getting a new display on an iPhone 13 is becoming quite a nightmare. Unless you want Apple or an authorized shop to do the whole thing, of course.

Not anymore

But as it turns out, Apple had a change of mind overnight, so the company has decided to update this policy and no longer disable Face ID when a new screen… (read more)

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