Court Orders Arrested Man to Reveal iPhone Passcode


A Florida court has ordered an arrested man to disclose his iPhone passcode, as investigators believe that the device could store incriminating evidence.

Aaron Stahl was arrested after surveillance cameras spotted him taking photos with an iPhone under the skirt of an unnamed woman in a shopping mall, with police officers now claiming that there’s a big chance that the device has more pictures that would help them with the case.

Stahl originally agreed to have his iPhone accessed by the investigators, but he then changed his mind and invoked the Fifth Amendment to refuse to disclose the passcode to the phone.

A trial court originally ruled in the favor of the defendant, but now a court in Florida changed the decision, ordering the man to disclose the passcode that would have authorities access information stored on the iPhone.

There’s a precedent

Judge Anthony Black found a precedent, pointing to a Supreme Court case in 1988, Doe versus the Unit… (read more)

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