Free App Lets You Enable Apple’s Sidecar on Older Macs and iPads


Sidecar is a new feature introduced by Apple in macOS Catalina, and its purpose pretty much comes down to enabling an iPad to play the role of a secondary screen for Mac.

The bad news is that Sidecar doesn’t support all Macs and iPads, so getting this feature on older models, even if they run macOS Catalina, wasn’t possible.

Until recently, that is, as a new software solution called Free Sidecar enables this functionality on all previously-unsupported iPads and Macs updated to macOS Catalina.

Because Apple just turns to a typical blacklist approach to prevent older devices from enabling Sidecar, this app serves as a UI for editing the SidecarCore and technically removing the block.

Apple could block it

The app runs in a sandbox and doesn’t even require root access, but what’s worth knowing is that the wireless mode may not work on all older devices. However, the entire process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, with two restarts required to m… (read more)

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