Genius Remasters Mac OS X Wallpapers in 6K Resolution with Full P3


Genius remasters mac os x wallpapers in 6k resolution withIf you’re looking to refresh your desktop and want a high-quality wallpaper, how about using a new old background that comes in 6K resolution?

There’s no mistake in there because what we have here is a pack of the original Mac OS X wallpapers remastered in 6K resolution and supporting the full P3 wide color gamut.

In other words, they’re old wallpapers that look like new, all thanks to developer Rafael Conde who made the whole thing possible and, even more importantly, released everything free of charge online.

So you can download the full pack of wallpapers in 6K resolution from his website, along with versions specifically optimized for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac desktop.

How the whole thing was possible

If you think this was an easy business, it’s not something that the Average Joe can do. But on the other hand, the developer reckons… (read more)

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