Google Was This Close to Launching an Apple Watch Killer

Apple is currently the world’s number one smartwatch manufacturer, and the Apple Watch not only that leads the wearable market, but it does the whole thing in a way that’s nearly impossible to beat in the short term.

The bigger problem with the Apple Watch is that it’s limited to Apple’s closed garden, so for the time being, smartwatch options in the Android ecosystem are still very limited.

While some people are still dreaming about an Apple Watch for Android, Google itself wanted at some point to step into this market and launch something that could have been an Apple Watch killer in all regards.

A report from BI reveals that back in 2016, the search giant was this close to launching its very own smartwatch, only that the unveiling was abandoned at the very last minute.

Project killed at the very last minute

By the looks of things, the debut was sup… (read more)

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