iPhone 7 Catches Fire on the Pillow Just Next to the Head of Sleeping Owner

If you’re reading this article on an iPhone, you better read fast because you never know what’s going to happen. An iPhone 7 Plus caught fire in the middle of the night while charging, with the owner sleeping only a few inches away from the device.

While sleeping with the phone close to the head is not a recommended thing to do because of all the radiations, you now have another reason not to do it: the device could go boom and cause severe injuries.

The Chinese owner of the iPhone 7 Plus explained she purchased the device in March, so it was barely one month old when it exploded.

The woman, who only wanted to share her surname Chen, explained that she was sleeping at her home in Nanjing with the iPhone charging on a pillow right next to her. She was woken … (read more)

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