iPhone Explodes After Man Bites It to Check If It’s Fake


Smartphone battery explosions make the headlines every once in a while, but this is pretty much the first time one incident takes place after someone… bites the device.

As weird as that might sound, that’s literally what happened in a Chinese pawn shop, where a potential iPhone buyer decided to check if the device was real just like he wanted to test a gold coin: by biting it.

The CCTV footage shows the man checking what’s believed to be an iPhone before taking it close to his mouth, apparently to determine if it’s a clone or not. It takes just a couple of seconds before the device suffers a massive blow just next to the man’s face, with everyone around stepping away, including the woman next to the sales counter and who appears to be kind of groggy.

No injuries

While it’s pretty difficult to tell how exactly an iPhone, or any other smartphone, no matter the brand or model, can suffer such a massive explosion if the battery isn’t exposed, <a href… (read more)

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