iPhone Hack Allows Anyone to Brute Force the Passcode

The days when Apple’s iPhone was considered an unhackable device are long gone, as most of the security news that makes the rounds these days and concern this smartphone discuss new methods to bypass the passcode and access stored data.

This time, security researcher Matthew Hickey, who also co-founded cybersecurity firm Hacker House, has discovered a way to brute force passcodes on iPhones running any iOS version up to 11.3.

Basically, his hack involves tricking the iOS protection system and obtain the rights to try as many codes as he wants in an attempt to break into the iPhone. This means that anyone would be able to brute force iPhone passcodes without having to wait longer between attempts and without reaching the 10-time limit which would lead to the device being wiped.

Hickey explains that the method does not require any advanced techniques, but only an iPhone that’s already turned on and a Lightning cable.

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