iPhone SE Is Not Dead


Iphone se is not deadWhile all eyes are on the next-generation iPhone due in September, the consensus is that a new iPhone SE is no longer part of Apple’s plans.

That’d be quite a shape, to be honest, especially as the SE would serve as a cheaper alternative to the premium devices that Apple launches every year.

But according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who himself stated that the iPhone SE might be abandoned, the work on this device has restarted, with a fourth generation being developed as we speak.

The iPhone SE 4 will make the switch to OLED, therefore giving up on the LCD panel that it’s been using since the first generation.

Apple will significantly upgrade the device, so it’ll be a slightly revised version of the iPhone 14. This is big news on all fronts, as iPhone SE will therefore give up on the Touch ID sensor and go for Face ID with a notch and everything else.

“My latest survey indicates that Apple has recently restarted the iPhone SE 4, which will feature an OLED dis… (read more)

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