iPhone Users Barely Care About 5G, All They Want Is Improved Battery Life


One of the biggest changes on the iPhone 12 generation is support for 5G on absolutely all models including in the lineup, and just as expected, Apple has made quite a big deal out of this upgrade.

But according to a survey conducted by BlinkAI, iPhone users aren’t necessarily interested in 5G, as all they want is better battery life.

When asked what they consider to be a major selling point of a new phone that would convince them to upgrade, no less than 72 percent of the iPhone users pointed to extended battery life, while 49 percent of them claimed they want more storage.

As far as 5G is concerned, only 32 percent of the iPhone owners claim they would upgrade to a new model because of improved speed.

Truth be told, things are pretty much the same in the Android world too, where 75 percent of the users want improved battery life and only 36 percent believe 5G is a good reason to u… (read more)

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