Is Your iPhone X Dimming and Getting Slower Under Heavy Use? You’re Not Alone

Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones to date, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it can deliver flawless performance all the time.

And unfortunately for those who agreed to pay $1,000+ for the device, there are cases when the iPhone X isn’t even getting close to such flawless performance, delivering instead a compromised experience that raises questions as to how much time Apple spent testing the handset in various scenarios.

One such example is how the iPhone X performs under heavy use when the phone’s temperature normally increases. Let me detail a little bit.

When used for navigation, with apps like Waze or Google Maps, during driving, the iPhone X normally tends to get warmer or really hot, which is a behavior that perfectly makes sense since most of the phone’s sensors are being used, as well as more processing power plus the GPS itself.

But what doesn’t make sense is how the device actually handles overheating in these conditions. W… (read more)

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