Over 1 Billion Android Users Could Soon Switch to an iPhone

Over 1 billion android users could soon switch to anApple is expected to launch several new iPhones next year, and while all eyes seem to be on the premium lineup coming in September, the all-new iPhone SE expected in the spring is apparently playing a much more important role than everybody believes.

The new iPhone SE, which will retain the iPhone 8-inspired look, therefore looking identical with the current model, will sport 5G support, and according to one analyst, this is going to be one huge upgrade.

Approximately 1.4 billion Android users are expected to at least consider the switch to Apple’s ecosystem thanks to the new iPhone SE thanks to the introduction of 5G support.

Most of these users will come from low- to mid-range Android markets, so in theory, the iPhone SE 5G will represent a very compelling range to make the switch to Apple. Nearly 300 million iPhone users are also expected to finally upgrade their devices and get the new iPhone.

iPhone SE 5G launching in the spring

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