This Is Gold: iPhone X Animoji Used to Recreate Famous Movie Scenes – Video


Even though the iPhone X comes with several exclusive features that other iPhone users can’t enjoy for the time being, it turns out that Animoji is pretty much the one getting all the praise right now.

Since Apple started shipping the iPhone X the last Friday, Animoji videos invaded the web becoming the latest Internet sensation powered by the anniversary iPhone.

And while at first they only seemed to be useful for creating karaoke videos, YouTube BrazilianDanny found a different way to put Apple’s new technology to work: re-create some famous movie scenes with emojis taking the place of actors.

The result is entertaining, to say the least, and while at first glance it’s just a way to spend some free time, such a project actually emphasizes how much potential the technology powering Animoji truly has.

An iPhone X-exclusive feature

The animated emoji on the iPhone X are powered by the TrueDepth camera on the iPho… (read more)

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