Unlikely Rumor Claims Apple Is Working on a Nintendo Switch Rival


Unlikely rumor claims apple is working on a nintendo switchA new report that’s making the headlines this week concerns Apple’s future-generation device lineup, with someone from Korea (via Twitter) claiming the Cupertino-based tech giant is developing a hybrid games console.

In other words, Apple is reportedly interested in creating a Nintendo Switch rival, and the company has apparently held talks with a series of studios in order to make sure their titles would be compatible with its upcoming console.

One of the parties involved in the discussion is said to be Ubisoft, and some sources claim Apple is trying to bring some titles first to its new console and only then on rival devices.

Furthermore, the rumor claims Apple is investing in the development of a new processor specifically aimed at gaming and coming with several optimizations in this regard. At the first glance, this chip would be separate from the A and M series of chips produced by Apple.

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