Apple Patents Acoustic System For Portable Devices

, Apple Patents Acoustic System For Portable DevicesToday, Apple was granted two patents for enhancing space in portable devices. One of the patents was for outing high quality sound from a panel acoustic system in thin enclosures, while the other was for woven displays on Apple Watch devices.

The two patents were awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as Apple Insider found. The first patent application is for an audio solution that can create high quality sound using vibration of sub-panels in a flat arrangement.

The system would be able to create waves of pressure that result in sounds. The detailed system includes conical diaphragms, together with a voice coil wire which would create magnetic field when electrical current is applied.

The coil would interact with the magnet and push and pull the diaphragm. The motion is then interpreted by built-in audio … (read more)

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