Apple’s Manual on Replacing the MacBook Battery Has 162 Pages

Apple has recently expanded the Self Service Repair program to also include MacBooks running on Apple Silicon.

This is obviously good news, as owners themselves can take care of certain repairs, including (according to Apple), the trackpad, the display, and the battery.

Out of all these repairs, there’s one that most users would sooner or later have to do: a battery replacement once the original unit reaches a certain degradation level.

In other words, Apple providing manuals on how to replace the battery in an M1-powered MacBook is definitely good news, as it pretty much extends the life of the device.

But repair specialists iFixit claim that Apple’s new program is a double-edged sword. And while it may seem easy to replace the battery of a MacBook by following Apple’s step-by-step instructions, the whole process is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Super-expensive process

So complicated, in fact, that the process is detailed by Apple in n… (read more)

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