How to Get a Free iPhone 7: Change Your Name to “iPhone Seven”

, How to Get a Free iPhone 7: Change Your Name to “iPhone Seven”Just like its predecessors, the iPhone 7 is one very expensive piece of technology, but despite this, it still sells like hot cakes pretty much all over the world.

In Ukraine, the growing demand for the iPhone 7 has led to a campaign that you certainly don’t find every day. Local retailer Allo is giving away 5 black iPhone 7 units to people who change their names to “Sim iPhone” (this is the equivalent of iPhone Seven in Ukrainian).

What you need to do is to first change your name and then send a selfie with your passport to prove that the name change indeed took place. If you qualify for the giveaway, you then have to pay a visit to an Allo store, again with your passport, to claim your free iPhone.

Only the first five people changing names getting free iPhones

Only the first 5 contestants are eligible for the giveaway, so you better rush to the Ministry of Names (Friends fans probably know what we’re … (read more)

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