iPhone 14 Not Exactly a Hit in China

Apple’s new-generation iPhones are now available for customers across the world, but for the time being, it looks like the Pro models are the big stars of the show.

At the same time, the standard iPhone 14 and the all-new iPhone 14 Plus are both failing to impress, with numbers from China proving that Apple’s strategy of creating a feature gap between Pro and non-Pro models is pushing most customers to the more expensive devices.

A report from SCMP confirms that the demand for the iPhone 14 in China has so far been very weak, as most customers go for the Pro.

Analysts agree that Apple’s strategy was to make a bigger difference between the new iPhones, but on the other hand, most people seem to be going for a Pro.

“Based on our current research, the standard iPhone 14 model has had a less favourable sales performance than that for Pro m… (read more)

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