Is Apple CarPlay Really That Reliable?


Android Auto has been my preferred driving companion since the last summer when Google released a major overhaul, but as I said on several occasions, the reliability glitches that users must deal with every once in a while are quite a deal-breaker for some.

Tired of Android Auto sometimes not showing up on my car’s HUD, Waze failing to locate me, and Google Assistant simply not working, I made the switch to Apple’s CarPlay, mostly in an attempt to determine if and how the Cupertino-based tech giant makes things more reliable for its in-car platform.

And after several weeks of using CarPlay, there’s just one key conclusion: yes, Apple’s software is a lot more reliable, and the problems that we occasionally experience in Android Auto don’t exist here. But it doesn’t mean CarPlay is flawless. So stay with me to describe my first month with CarPlay.

First and foremost, the one thing that I appreciate about Apple CarPlay is that “it just works.” Pretty much like the iP… (read more)

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