The iPhone Box Could Soon Include Only the Phone and Nothing Else

, The iPhone Box Could Soon Include Only the Phone and Nothing ElseIt’s 2020 and Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 12, the company’s latest-generation mobile device that’s expected to come with 5G across the entire lineup.

Needless to say, the addition of 5G is huge, especially because once Apple does it, everybody is expected to follow in its footsteps, so technically, we should see major growth of 5G adoption beginning with September.

But according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s also planning a change that many might not like.

It looks like the iPhone 12 box would only include the mobile device itself and a Lightning cable. That’s right, the charger is dropped from the box, which means that sooner or later, we might be getting only the iPhone and nothing else.

Apple stopped offering the EarPods with the iPhone last year since the company is already pushing hard for the AirPods, and given a hea… (read more)

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