The iPhone X Is “The Most Breakable iPhone Ever,” Tests Show

, The iPhone X Is “The Most Breakable iPhone Ever,” Tests ShowApple says that the iPhone X is made from the most durable glass on a smartphone, but despite this, there are concerns that this model is super-prone to cracks just because the company gave up on aluminum.

And after several drop tests have shown that you should really treat the iPhone X with extra care because it can easily break when receiving strong hits, here comes mobile insurance firm SquareTrade with its own research to show that the device is indeed “the most breakable iPhone ever.”

While at first glance it makes sense for a company selling protection plans for high-end smartphones to claim that the iPhone X breaks easily only to convince you to buy one of their products, their tests came to the same conclusions as those performed by YouTubers in the last few days.

For example, after a face-down drop test, the iPhone X not … (read more)

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