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Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Any of you heard of Nemonic Scanner? I doubt because it this is a fresh app that is less than 72 hours old! The official Nemonic Scanner app was released by MANGOSLab to be used to instantly print sticky notes wireless to their Nemonic Printer which are small printers that weight just about 1 pound and can print stinky notes, photos, other text without ink or toners. This is an awesome invention and I had my Nemonic printer delivered to my house yesterday via Amazon and I love it so far! Let’s find out what else makes this app and the inkless printer worth your time to try.

What Is Nemonic Scanner About?

nemonic Scanner scans docs, receipts, memos, equations or diagrams that you would like to study with an auto image processing.
Connect to a nemonic printer to print yours on sticky notes without ink or toners.
Spend less effort on drawing or copying and just capture it, print it and stick it!

  • Study notes

Gather questions that you often make mistakes on and take pictures of them. Now you can make a study notebook of your own with the printed questions. Utilize it to study for school exams, language ability tests, SATs, GREs, A-levels, and GCSEs. Remember not to make the same mistakes again.

  • For Businesses

Scan and store ideas or documents from meetings or conferences. Connect to a nemonic to print them out quickly and share with your team members.

  • Scan : Clear image scanning quality with auto image processing.
  • Print : Connect to a nemonic printer for printouts

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Install Nemonic Scanner App For iPhone & iPad

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What Is a Nemonic Printer?

Nemonic is a small printer that prints on sticky notes without ink or toners. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth and prints within 5~10 seconds. PC connection is also available and various functions such as dispenser, reprint previous notes, paper color indication etc.

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