iPhone X Will Soon Be Able to Make Users Invisible (No Joke!) – Video

, iPhone X Will Soon Be Able to Make Users Invisible (No Joke!) – VideoApple is betting big on AR and the tech that’s bundled into its new-generation iPhones, and one developer is ready to showcase some surprising capabilities of this mix.

Japanese app maker Kazuya Noshiro developed what appears to be an application which creates a see-through effect for people’s faces, all using only the iPhone X camera.

In a short video that he posted on Twitter, Noshiro demonstrates how a simple face mask and his application can allow the iPhone X to see through people’s heads and display the objects that are behind.

The app was created on game development platform Unity and is based on a very simple approach. First, the iPhone X takes a picture of the room using the front-facing cameras and then scans the user’s face, with the device then processing the images to apply the background over his face as he moves around the room.

No release date just yet

At first glance, everything works impressively well and the see-through effect… (read more)

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