Sealed Original iPhone Sells for More Than You Can Imagine

The original iPhone is a model that made history, not necessarily because of its record sales but thanks to the concept that it has given birth to.

Everybody knows how important the iPhone is today for the mobile industry, so it goes without saying that the original model has become a highly desirable collectible.

As a result, many people out there are willing to spend big bucks on an original iPhone in a good shape, and this auction is just living proof in this regard.

An Internet stranger agreed to pay over $35,000 on an original, sealed, and unopened iPhone launched in 2007, and as it turns out, it was actually one of the first models that got to see the daylight.

Sold for big bucks

MacRumors observed that the image on the box doesn’t come with the iTunes Store icon on the iPhone home screen, and this is a sign the iPhone was among the first batches produ… (read more)

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